We had fire drill this morning around 7:00 in the morning. As soon as I arrived at work. I was chosen to carry the fire extinguisher the empty room.


Game night

To try to keep the social life of the residents, most nursing homes have a game night. The nurses go around and try to get everybody out their rooms and meet in the lobby to have fun with their peers. Most families do not visit that often, so game night is very helpful for the resident. It helps with making things more normal.


In a nursing home being active is a matter of life and death. So, the nurses try their best to get the residents active daily.  For example, the nurses give the resident walkers and help them walk around. They also swim and have yoga classes too.

The dirty work

Nurse La’monica on her second ran into a mess she was not ready for. The residents she was assigned to that day had diarrhea and made a mess for the ages. La’moinca had to put gloves on and a mask just to clean up the situation. Then La’monica had to give the resident a bath.


In nursing homes celebrating holidays is another way to make the residents feel at home. On christmas, they put a huge tree in the lobby. They have a Christmas party in the lobby and have a big meal. On Thanksgiving it more of the same. The nurses decorate the resident’s room and the lobby and have a Thanksgiving dinner.