Funny stories

While searching for my blog online, I came across these funny stories from AgingCare and Everplans. Check out these funny stories!


Common myth

Some people believe when people are put in nursing homes, that they are there for good. That is not true; so many residents come through the home for a short period of time. And it is not only elderly people, their ages vary.

There are only about 40 residents in the home that has been there since I started working there last May. Its tough when working in the kitchen, you have to incorporate all the new residents and figure out what their likes and dislikes are.

You’re lucky

Long time dietary manager Tiare Boyd was recently demoted to cook. She was told by the administrator of Creekside, Dwight Osteen, that “you’re lucky to still even have a job”‘.
I think it was very disrespectful to tell anyone that, let alone someone who has giving so much of their time to the job.

Tiare is the reason many employees look forward to coming to work everyday. She keeps the kitchen running smoothly. She comes in when others get sick, calls out or doesn’t show, no one else is going to do that.

Who should get vaccinated

According to the CDC, all health care workers and other employees who are not directly involved with the residents are recommended to get vaccinated annually.
Who should get vaccinated:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses and nursing assistants
  • Volunteers
  • Administrative employees
  • House Keeping
  • Laundry staff
  • Dietary staff

Since health care workers may care for people who are at risk of flu-related complication, it is especially important for them to get vaccinated